Source of Estimote Proximity SDK. It uses EstimoteBluetoothScanning as a submodule, so clone the SDK source with

git clone --recursive

or execute

git submodule update --init

before building.

The schemes in the workspace are:

  • EstimoteProximitySDK — the dynamic framework target with SDK code.
  • EstimoteProximitySDKTests — test target with all tests (both unit and integration).
  • UnitTests — scheme for EstimoteProximitySDKTests target with integration tests disabled. Because it contains unit tests only, it’s very fast to run (~1s). Use it in day-to-day development.
  • IntegrationTests — scheme for EstimoteProximitySDKTests target with unit tests tests disabled. It takes more than 30s to run, as it replays long datasets.
  • FatFramework — an aggregate target that runs build scripts to produce a framework that can be published. To execute them, simply select the scheme and trigger Build (cmd + B). When the scripts are executing, their intermediate artifacts are put to EstimoteProximitySDK/build. When they’re done, the built framework is present in EstimoteProximitySDK/Output-EstimoteProximitySDK-Release.
  • ProximitySample — an internal app target that can be used to check how Proximity SDK works on a real device. Feel free to modify it and commit changes.


  1. Create a new branch according to our git guidelines.
  2. Write an automated test (start with unit tests!). You don’t want to manually test your feature before each future release, trust me on this one.
  3. Implement your functionality.
  4. Create a pull request and assign somebody from iOS Guild. Also ping the reviewer on Slack.


Refer to ReleaseProcess document