@interface ESTDeviceNearable : ESTDeviceConnectable

ESTDeviceNearable represents Nearable device. It allows to to establish connection to the device and change its settings.

Object of this class is returned as a result of ESTUtilityManager scanning. It is not intended to be initialized manually.

  • Allows to access and interact with device settings.

    Object expose convenience API where you can access and change individual settings of the device. You can also register for settings change notifications (e.g. motion state) provided during connection using registerForNotification: method.

    Advanced API allows to define group of settings read/write operations that should be performed on the device and then perform them using performOperation: kind of methods.



    @property (readonly, strong, nonatomic)
        ESTNearableSettingsManager *_Nonnull settings;


    var settings: ESTNearableSettingsManager { get }